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Sand Proof & Absorbent

Peshtemals make stylish beach towels and they are easy to fit in your beach bag. 

Natural & Quick Drying

With 100% natural yarns and fast drying nature, peshtemals never smell mouldy like terry towels. 

Lightweight & Compact

Your travel companion - Lightweight, compact & versatile, Turkish towels come with you wherever you travel. 

A Unique touch

Decorate Your Home

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Colorful Chevron Peshtemals



Your Travel Companion

Turkish towels are versatile fabrics that can be used many ways - towel, shawl, scarf, airplane blanket and more. You can put one in your suitcase and use it in many different ways!

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Nautical Peshtemal



Got the pink/orange/beige chevron one. It looks amazing and it's very soft. I was surprised by the quality of the fabric, it's 100% cotton with no synthetic fibers at all. It's very light but very effective in absorbing water. I washed it and it is still as new.
A very well made item that I strongly suggest as an alternative to traditional bath towels.

D. Tavella

After we came back from our visit to Turkey we regretted not getting one of those towels they provided in the Turkish baths. I was pleased to see similar options online. The towel seems well made and was the advertised size. It is as soft as we remembered and quite absorbent. Will be using this in our trips to the beach and in the backyard this summer!

P. Gallagher

I've been looking for a light weight towel but I really didn't want to get a synthetic fabric stuff. I was suggested these turkish towels and this was exactly what I was looking for.  It is much thinner compared to regular towels but has good absorbency to use after shower. And it dries fairly quickly. I needed this for travel but I may just replace all my towels with these.

B. Perry

I bring my Turkish towel everywhere I go! I never know when I may need it for a quick day trip up to the hot springs, a picnic, or to wrap around my body for extra covering. It Is light and compact yet sturdy enough to be extremely versatile. I LOVE that it is a quarter of the size and weight of normal towels and dries TEN TIMES FASTER!! Like I said It literally goes everywhere with me!!

T. Wickham

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