Tips to Find Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

It’s the most wonderful day of your life. You’re getting ready and yes there are a million things to plan ahead and you can’t do it all on your own. That’s the time your girls come to the stage. They devote their time and energy to your wedding, they listen to your endless talks about the wedding, about the groom and about your mother-in-law. They are there for you all the time (including your bathroom visits with that big gown!). And you want to thank them for doing so much for you.

Finding unique bridesmaids’ gifts is a challenge. What I prefer is to find something that they will love and use long after the wedding day.


Try to pick something that they will love – not you

First of all, think about your bridesmaids. Write down each name and try to think of 3 characteristics of that person. Yes, all of them will be different but you might find a few things that they love in common.

Even if you can’t find common thing that they all love, why not think about a personalized, unique gift for each of them. Yes, that would take a lot of time and effort, but don’t they deserve it?


Think about matching your wedding theme

If you have a themed wedding, see if they also loved that theme. Do you have vintage weeding? A modern one or a destination wedding? Gifts that match with your wedding theme might be remarkable.

If you are having a destination wedding, creating a travel essentials kit might be lovely. Depending on your budget and creativity, you can include many items like sleep masks, passport sleeves, luggage tags, may be Instax Minis or cute garment bags.

Or if you’re having a beach wedding, you can think of a beach bag filled with beach essentials like wet suits, stylish Turkish towels, water bottles, flip-flops, beach cover ups, sarongs or cute towel clips. You can even add a book for each of them, if you know what kind of books they would love.

If yours is a winter wedding, cozy blankets, stylish hot water bottles, warm slippers, scarves, lip balms & hand creams or robes are some ideas.


Beware of the things that you may go wrong

For instance, if you decide to go on with something that has sizes and you are not sure about your bridesmaids’ sizes, don’t go for it. You want to make them happy and some people might feel offended if they receive something of a larger/smaller size. Or make sure that you have the exact, correct sizes.

Apparel is a shady gifting item for me. Even if you know the sizes, one shirt might look wonderful on someone and crappy on the other one. 


Spend your money on quality, not the quantity

Creating gift sets & gift baskets are great, but if you are going to fill that set with a lot of items, that your bridesmaids will never use, don’t spend your money on it. Instead of 10s of smaller, low quality gifts, put one or two nicer gifts based on your budget. They give so much time and effort to your wedding – give them something that they’ll remember for a long time.


Think twice before getting something with your name and date on it

Silk robes with ‘Ashley’s Bridesmaid’ on them might look cute on your wedding pictures, but do you think your bridesmaids will wear them after your wedding? Don’t spend your money on something that they won’t use and remember you in the future.


Think about religions, beliefs and health concerns

Think about each of your bridesmaids and note down any sensitive subject. Is there anyone with different religious practices or anyone with diabetes? Try to beware of gifts that might conflict with personal values.


Consider budget friendly options

Nothing can compete a DIY gift! If you have a tight budget, but you still want to make your bridesmaids happy, think about the ways to do the gifts you loved yourself.


Finally, be creative and spend some time on it

I never think that an item is cheesy and classic, if it’s well thought of and matches your theme. Bridesmaids robes might look like the easiest and most classic idea, but if you can find a special one that fits your bridesmaids’ style, then that might be the perfect gift.





 Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash



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