Ways to Decorate Your Home with Turkish Towels

The great thing about Turkish towels is that they are not only towels, but also great decorative accessories. You can use them in many ways - outdoor or indoor. But outdoor uses are for another blog post. 

Peshtemals are used as towels for centuries due to their absorbent and quick drying nature. They originated in Ottoman hammams (Turkish baths) and they became popular products in homes within those centuries. 

Today they are used in many ways as home accents. You can use them not only in your bathrooms, but also in other living spaces of your home. 

But let's start with bathrooms. 


Thanks to 100% natural yarns & fast drying nature (Make sure to purchase high quality towels though. Like terry towels, if your peshtemals have mixed yarns and they are not 100% natural they might not have the same properties), peshtemals never have the mildew smell like regular terry towels. That makes them great bathroom towels, especially in higher humidity climates or more humid rooms (like basement bathrooms). 

You can have matching bathrobes, bath towels and hand towels to make your bathrooms look more stylish. 

They make great guest towels, because they take up little space in your closets and they are so unique. Your guests will be amazed by the unique & natural towels you provided them and you don't have to spare a huge space in your closets for extra towels that are used occasionally when you have guests. 

Living Room

You can use your peshtemals as throws. Since they are 100% natural, they will be soft and nice on your skin. Decorate your chairs / couches with various designs that match your living room. And use them to get cozy & warm when you are watching your favorite shows. 

You can also use peshtemals as a runner on your coffee table or ottoman. And if coffee spills on it, you don't have to worry about it - just wash it with your regular laundry. 


Turkish towels come in various sizes. If you purchase the hand towel (peshkir) sizes, you can also use these as kitchen towels. 


Do you enjoy spending time with your friends / family on your patio? There is nothing better than eating & drinking with your friends under the stars on a nice summer night. But the thing is that - summer nights might get cool! And your sweet conversations may come to an end because people don't want to stay out due to the chill weather.

In those times, you can put a Turkish towel behind your patio chairs and if your guests feel like wrapping themselves, they can do that. 


It's nice to keep your peshtemals handy, when you are at the backyard. You can have a backyard picnic with your kids or you can just lay on the grass to enjoy some nice weather. 

Kids Playroom

OK - this idea is for parents who got tired of picking up the toys on the floor. You can lay your Turkish towels on the floor and when your kids are done playing, you use your towel as a sack (with all the toys still on it), tie the corners and viola! 



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