About Peshtemals

Peshtemal (a.k.a Turkish towels) is a gift from Anatolia to the world. It is an authentic Turkish fabric with a history of almost 600 years. It was used in Ottoman Hammams (hot steam and cold-water baths) as towels by sultans.



Peshtemal is a lightweight, compact and extremely absorbent fabric that dries very fast. That’s why the most popular use of it is still to enjoy it in beaches, baths or spas. Today it is not only used as a towel, but also as a beachwear, table cover, throw, scarf, or a decorative accessory at home.



This multipurpose fabric is hand loomed and flat-woven with hand-tied fringes and it has been done with the same technique for 600 years. Peshtemal has a lot of human touch during the looming process and that’s what makes it so special.



These authentic Turkish towels have outstanding features: 

They have a wide variety of uses: 

With these features and uses, these versatile fabrics, which come in endless designs & colors, are ideal for: